Online courses empowering women to exit their COMFORT zone and enter their COURAGE zone.

It's time to get out of survival mode and truly thrive!


Hello Gorgeous!

My name is Tiffany, but you can call me Tiff.

As a global empowerment leader, I am committed to guiding women toward self-actualization and empowerment and to fall madly in love with themselves in order to live the highest vision for their life. It is time to grow past living in survival mode and THRIVE!

The Coaching Sanctuary™ aligns spiritual modalities with effective on-camera, branding and social media principles for the mission-driven woman.

We create conscious content, books, workshops, TV programs and divinely inspired trainings that cultivate courage, build rock solid confidence (on + off camera), foster collaboration over competition, and encourages presence, visibility, meaningful contribution.

After 25+ years working in front of the camera, I am passionate (and downright obsessed) with sharing my insider tips and experience with mission-driven women. Through The Coaching Sanctuary™, I offer interactive group workshops, holistic 1:1 coaching and online courses blending the areas of empowerment/spirituality and on-camera presence/branding/social media strategy .

Today’s entrepreneur must, I repeat, must utilize the power of video to connect with their audience and potential clients, but unfortunately many allow the paralyzing fear of "putting themselves out there" to keep them disconnected. Not on Tiff's watch! My unique coaching strategy combines my own spiritual journey of overcoming a fear-based mindset with years of experience as a TV host and YouTuber.

Helping women step out of their comfort zone in order to live more authentically, on and off camera, is what sets my soul on fire. Ready to find out what lights you up? Join us.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin